Emerging Cross-Cultural Marriage Between Indonesian Brides and Turkish Grooms


Marriage migration is a phenomenon that has been increasing recently. This includes cross-cultural marriages between Indonesian brides and Turkish grooms. This study aims to prove how the marriage migration phenomenon results in increasing cross-cultural marriages. Using quantitative demographic data collected from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Türkiye, this study explores the patterns of cross-cultural marriages between Indonesian brides and Turkish grooms with descriptive methods. In 2022, data shows that out of 87 cross-cultural marriages, 82 Indonesian brides were the leading actors in marriage migration and settled in Türkiye with their husbands. This study aims to give an early understanding of factors that encourage Indonesian brides to marry Turkish grooms and migrate from their host country. This study also examines how the potential crosscultural couple meets for the first time. Additionally, it examines Indonesian brides educational background and the Turkish language proficiency of brides who decide to migrate, including how these factors might affect their marriage. This study’s results provide details about the cross-cultural marriage landscape between Indonesia and Türkiye.


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Subjects Cultural Studies
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Daffa Ramadhani YANUAR  This is me (Primary Author)

Siska PRATİWİ  This is me

Publication Date September 30, 2022
Published in Issue Year 2022, Volume 2, Issue 2


APA Yanuar, D. R. & Pratiwi, S. (2022). Emerging Cross-Cultural Marriage Between Indonesian Brides and Turkish Grooms . Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies , 2 (2) , 106-123 . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/tjds/issue/72870/1182665

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