Raising the Anchor: Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies

The Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies, by launching a specialized journal on the topic, will give new momentum to diaspora studies and create an academic form through which it will bring theory and practice together to discuss diasporic and migration issues. In this sense, TJDS also aspires to be a venue that produces high-standard publications and a pool for the latest developments in the field. It is our hope that this unique, topic-related journal in Turkey will be an important podium for all stakeholders in the field.

TJDS, Diaspora Studies, Diaspora Studies in Turkey, Editorial.
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Primary Language en
Subjects Political Science
Journal Section Editorial

Orcid: 0000-0002-7111-8538
Author: Necati ANAZ
Country: Turkey

Dates Publication Date : March 30, 2021
APA Anaz, N . (2021). Raising the Anchor: Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies . Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies , 1 (1) , 1-6 .

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