Interview 11

The proliferation of the practices of diaspora runs parallel to transnational encounters and exchanges. While displacements and dispersals remain foundational to the formation of diasporas and diasporic communities, migrations and migratory experiences have resulted in the continued evolution of the concept of diaspora to suit the needs and demands of ever-changing im/migrant communities. This flexibility and adaptability of diaspora accommodate the exchange of goods and services, for example, remittances, the transfer of funds by migrants to their home countries, which has become one of the largest financial inflows to these receiving countries.
Diaspora, Diaspora Studies, Migration
  • Aihwa Ong, Flexible Citizenship: The Cultural Logics of Transnationality. Durham: Duke University Press, 1999.
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Author: Simone A. James ALEXANDER
Institution: Department of English, Seton Hall University
Country: United States

Dates Publication Date : March 30, 2021
APA Alexander, S . (2021). Interview 11 . Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies , 1 (1) , 147-152 .

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