Interview 10

I argue in Global diasporas: an Introduction (2008) that it is important to avoid a formal definition of diaspora and deliberately use the expression ‘common features’ to signify that not every diaspora will exhibit every feature listed, nor will they be present to the same degree over time and in all settings. I analogize the following features as the main ‘strands’ that go into the making of a ‘diasporic rope’.
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  • To cite this article: Robin Cohen (2020, October 9) Personal communication [Email interview], Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies, 1(1), 143-146, DOI: 10.52241/TJDS.2021.0016
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Author: Robin COHEN
Institution: Former Director of the International Migration Institute, University of Oxford & Kellogg College
Country: United Kingdom

Dates Publication Date : March 30, 2021
APA Cohen, R . (2021). Interview 10 . Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies , 1 (1) , 143-146 .

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