Emergence of Afro-Turks in Turkish Politics

Since the mid-2000s, Turkey’s almost forgotten and invisible Africa-rooted Turkish citizens, the Afro-Turks, have come to the surface. Because of their small number, they have never been conspicuous before. However, since 2003, with Turkey’s opening to Africa policy, they have become much more discernable in the Turkish public sphere with festivals and activities. Ankara has also officially supported their activities financially and technically. This article argues that there is a strong link between their emergence as an ethnic minority in Turkey and Ankara’s assertive Africa policy to deepen relations with the continent. The case of Afro-Turks indicates that when foreign policy inclination is matched with domestic policy, even a tiny minority can become more discernable and visible in the political arena.
Afro-Turks, Turkish Foreign Policy, Africa, Turkey, African Diaspora
  • Burcu Sunar Cankurtaran asks right question to include Afro-Turks in Turkish foreign policydiscourse. This article should even be seen as a response to her request. Burcu Sunar Cankurtaran, “Is There a Room for Afro-Turks in Turkish ForeignPolicy?: Some Research Questions”, International Journal of Turcologia, Vol XIII, No: 25, pp. 81-90.
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Subjects International Relations
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Author: Mehmet ÖZKAN (Primary Author)
Institution: Center for Global Policy, Washington DC, USA
Country: United States

Dates Publication Date : March 30, 2021
APA Özkan, M . (2021). Emergence of Afro-Turks in Turkish Politics . Turkish Journal of Diaspora Studies , 1 (1) , 7-19 .

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